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Our Values

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  • Provide a safe & stimulating environment in which children can feel happy & secure, using the National Care Standards & Care Inspectorate grading as benchmarks for delivery of good practice

  • Create wide ranging opportunities for play and learning experiences which supports all aims and areas of the Curriculum for Excellence.
    Health & Wellbeing, Literacy & English, Numeracy & Mathematics,  Expressive Arts, Religious & Moral Education, Sciences, Social Studies, Technologies

  • Encourage the all round development of the individual child.  Through observation & monitoring of progress - with the use of a “Key worker” system - recording development  from one stage to the next without the boundaries of age,  supporting needs and preparing for transition

  • Promote the health, wellbeing, care and welfare of all children though practice & policy and with support of other early years/health care professionals

  • Encourage positive attitudes and behaviour by both adults and children—always seeking to build self confidence and self esteem—and valuing the child as an individual with a contribution to make to the centre

  • Be welcoming and supportive to all children and adults entering the nursery setting—meeting additional needs if required.

  • Respect the rights of the parents/guardians/carers as primary carer; support and encourage their awareness and involvement in the play, learning and development of their child—utilising talents and knowledge  to support wider learning

  • Support & encourage staff in their awareness and understanding of child development & learning by providing access to SSSC registration, continual professional development, an integrated   development training programme, with annual appraisals and further cascaded information

  • Integrate the nursery into the wider community through active learning in the local environment  & ensuring appropriate awareness of our centre

  • Integrate all relevant legislation and policy/practice support documents into practice including external reports & inspections of the service.
1st Steps Nairn
Academy Street, Nairn IV12 4RJ
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