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Pre School (3+ year olds)

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The Pre-school room will be purposely designed and structured round the Curriculum for Excellence framework which outlines Early Years outcomes and experiences  for  3-6 year olds as set by the Education Scotland. Staff will assess individual needs, abilities and interests in line with  four capacities and eight curriculum areas. 

Staff will encourage the children to develop, gain confidence and self respect at their own pace

Most children at this stage will be developing the ability to recognise and write their own names and demonstrate good observational skills, maintain focus and concentration, develop pencil control with mark making practice, creative skills and awareness/knowledge of numbers. Children will take part in regular walks as well as enjoying daily physical play and learning experiences within the secure gardens so they can get as much fresh air and exercise as possible.


Good liaison with the feeder schools is essential if continuity and progressions is to be achieved. Transfer of information regarding your child’s pre-school experience including their strengths and weaknesses will be passed onto their primary one teacher at the end of pre-school years or to Local Authority run early years centres if joint care programmes are used.  This information forms part of the child’s individual early years profile of education.  Transition programmes will also be put in place in partnership with the school centres to make the seamless progression as supported as possible.  The proximity of the centre to Rosebank Primary School and the supported use of it’s playground facilities is a strong asset to the centre making this the predominant wrap around care link.

We are able to collect and drop off children from other pre-school nurseries including Rosebank, Millbank, Croileagan and Auldearn subject to session times.

1st Steps Childcare aims to be recommissioned by Highland Council for funded places for 3-5 year olds.

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