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Crucial to the service is the reputation of quality childcare, key to that is the team, who have been selected for their experience, qualifications and commitment to provide a stimulating learning environment and nurture the children’s individual needs.

The business is built on the back of the long standing provision Roslin and the team have provided for over 10 years from the building located in the Rosebank school grounds.


Testimonials taking carers' views into account

Parents completed and returned the Customer Service Questionnaires prior to the last Care Service Inspection report. 

Each parent strongly agreed that the standard of care was high and here are a sample of six positive comments on the service. They wrote:

"1st Steps Nursery offer an excellent service all year round and are also very flexible to my needs. My child very much enjoys his time at 1st Steps Nursery"

"It was difficult to comment on some my daughter has only been attending 1st Steps for a short time. She loves it there".

"1st Steps Nursery and the staff have been fantastic since my daughter started; she has come on so much. They have potty trained her, she is eating new foods and socialising...have never been happier with a nursery than I am with 1st Steps"

"Thanks to the staff at nursery developmental problems with my child have been highlighted and he has been referred to the appropriate professionals... early intervention can really improve outcomes in these cases. Without 1st Steps this could have gone under the radar for much longer and affected my child's long term development. The staff are amazing!!"

"1st Steps have been a wonderful, caring and calm nursery. It is always great to see the staff remain for a number of years. This shows they are also happy to work at First Steps". 

"My children have come on leaps and bounds since they started. I think it says it all when they run into the nursery clutching their bags with big smiles on their little faces!!".

1st Steps Nairn
Academy Street, Nairn IV12 4RJ
07808 504586 -