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1st Steps operate a wide variety of policies and procedures including;

Health and Safety Policy   Child Protection Policy   Infection Control Policy Intimacy Care Policy      Behaviour Management Policy

These and all other policies are available for parents to see at any time — copies can be provided on request, and further information on some of our policies is provided below.

We also have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy Statement which can have an impact on all children and their families. If you have any questions please feel free to ask



The promotion of a healthy diet is observed at 1st Steps.  We try to provide a wide variety of snacks—often related to themes within nursery projects — this will always contain some element of fruit or vegetables.

If your child has any allergies/reactions to certain foods, this should be indicated on their enrolment form and directly indicated to a Lead Practitioner before your child starts attending nursery. Please feel free to discuss any specific needs at any time.

Every effort is made to avoid accidental contact with typical products — therefore No nuts, seeds or nut based products are permitted in nursery snacks or lunchboxes.


Practitioners may dispense prescribed medication provided that written permission is given by the parent, dosage is confirmed by a medical practitioner and it is appropriately labelled with the child’s name. Practitioners receive First Aid training and are familiar with inhalers and epipens — where individual protocols may be required.  Occasional dispensing of medicines such as Calpol can also be given with written consent.  We have included a Plaster permission statement on the enrolment form — only sensitive skin plasters will be used. 

Equal Opportunities Policy

All children regardless of race, sex, ability/disabilities, religious belief, etc. have the right to grow up and learn in an environment free from prejudice. We welcome all children to 1st Steps Nursery and treat them equally and without discrimination.  We aim to accommodate and effectively support all additional needs.


All parents are requested to sign a Permission Slip at the start of their child beginning nursery — part of our enrolment form — to allow their child to participate in short outings, around the School grounds or to the fruit shop to buy our snack.


We regularly take photos to support observations and for display — if you do not want photos of your child taken/displayed please inform a practitioner and make clear on completion of our enrolment form, thank you.


We have a closed group 1st Steps Nairn Parents and Carers (which permission is sought before joining the group is permitted) which allows us to share high-lights of the children’s daily activities.


1st Steps Nairn
Academy Street, Nairn IV12 4RJ
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